PriceStats estimates aggregate inflation in the US using online prices. The objective of this series is to anticipate major changes in US inflation trends, but not to forecast monthly CPI announcements. At any point in time, our index can be different from the CPI. Our data anticipates changes in inflation trends not only because we observe prices sooner, but also because online prices tend to react to shocks more quickly.

  • Official CPI
  • PriceStats Index

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We publish daily values for an aggregate price index, as well as for monthly and annual inflation rates. The daily online index is an average of individual price changes across multiple categories and retailers. The index uses a basket of goods that changes over time as products appear and disappear from the retailers. The index is not seasonally adjusted. The monthly inflation rate is calculated as the percentage change between the average of the daily online price index of the last 30 days and the average of the previous month.


PriceStats distributes the US Series through State Street, as part of our exclusive partnership.

We have made the US index available with a 10-day lag in order to facilitate access to those who aren’t traditional clients of State Street.