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Growth of online retail is changing inflation

Financial Times. 8/25/18
“The swelling influence of online retailers is changing the way inflation behaves by making it more sensitive to one-off shocks such as jumps in the price of oil, currency swings or the imposition of tariffs, according to new research….”
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Can’t Wait a Month for Inflation Data? Daily Gauge Shows Prices in Real Time

The Wall Street Journal. 2/21/18
“Investors on the edge of their seats about inflation’s next move don’t have to wait until mid-March to find out how prices changed this month. PriceStats, a Cambridge, Mass., firm that tracks prices of millions of items sold online, produces a measure of U.S. consumer prices daily…”
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Can big data revolutionise policymaking by governments?

Financial Times. 1/31/18
“When Alberto Cavallo was a child growing up in Argentina in the late 1980s, the Latin American country was suffering one of its occasional crises….”
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Economics in central banking: Alberto Cavallo and Roberto Rigobon – Billion Prices Project/PriceStats

Central Banking. 1/24/18
“Through a vast and ongoing data-collecting exercise, PriceStats has helped central banks overcome many of the drawbacks inherent in traditional inflation series…”
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Para el Gobierno y las consultoras, la inflación de octubre llegaría al 1,5%

La Nacion. 10/26/17
“La inflación de octubre apunta a terminar en torno del 1,5%, según las estimaciones preliminares del Gobierno y las de las consultoras privadas…”
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UK prices rising faster after Brexit vote

Sky News. 3/7/17
“Prices in the UK are now rising at an annual rate of more than 3% in the latest evidence of economic fallout from the EU referendum, according to figures seen by Sky News…”
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Since Brexit Vote, U.K. Online Inflation Surging After Pound Decline While Economy Stalls

Forbes. 8/15/16
“Since the June 23 U.K. referendum that saw 52% of voters wanting to leave the European Union, there has been no shortage of pundits offering their opinion on the economic impact of “Brexit”…”
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Mass Technology Leadership Council Announces Finalists for the 19th Annual Technology Leadership Awards

MarketWired. 7/20/16
“Leaders of the Massachusetts innovation community gathered last night at the Microsoft NERD Center for a reception at which the group announced finalists for the 2016 MassTLC Technology Leadership Awards. The awards shines a spotlight on the best of the region’s internationally respected…”
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Straws in the wind

The Economist. 7/16/16
“Before the referendum, economists were in near-unanimous agreement that a vote to Leave would hit the economy. And as predicted, the past three weeks have been torrid….”
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